Zedity Signage Plugin for WordPress - How it works

1. WordPress

  • Install WordPress on your own computer/server or use any hosting service if you prefer.
  • Make sure your signage device(s) can reach your WordPress installation, via internet or network.

2. Zedity Signage Plugin for WordPress

  • Download, install and activate the Zedity Signage Plugin in your WordPress installation.

3. Design your signage panel(s)

  • Go in the WordPress Dashboard and create a new page or post.
  • In the WordPress visual editor click the button
  • Design your panel with the Zedity Editor.
  • Save your panel in Zedity and publish your page/post in WordPress.

4. Display your signage panel(s)

  • Get the page/post permalink (url) in WordPress.
  • Use the HTML5 browser on your signage device to load the WordPress page.

5. Ready!

  • Sit back, enjoy your coffee and admire your work.